About Us

Cott Oil and Gas Ltd was listed on ASX on 4th January 2013 on completion of a $6m initial public offering.

The Company is focussed on acquiring and developing high impact petroleum exploration assets across the Westralian Superbasin, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia and has built up a portfolio of exploration opportunities.

The Company has significant regional expertise and has aggregated a technical database that has enabled it to identify acreage with multi-TCF and multi-million barrel drilling opportunities at varying stages of development. These opportunities include pre-release studies through to exploration and development permits.   

In Papua New Guinea, the Company’s core focus is on the Western Foreland which has seen the discovery of several TCF of gas with high levels of condensate and which is the focus of a gas aggregation and mid-scale LNG strategy.

The Company has also acquired a 40% interest in the 800 bcf Pandora Gas Fields in the Gulf of Papua giving it a substantial contingent resource base which is being evaluated for commercial development.

In addition to its technical know-how, Cott has extensive upstream and midstream commercial experience including acquisitions and divestments, farm-ins, exploration management, hydrocarbon processing and transportation and offtake agreements.

The Company aims to generate value through production of hydrocarbons from discoveries, trade sale of discoveries, sale of exploration opportunities and through its commercial and technical knowledge of adding value in the oil and gas business.