EP 325

Permit  EP  325  is  located  in  the  Exmouth  Gulf  and  is  divided  into  two  separate  portions.  The  western portion  extends  onshore  onto  the  mainland  around  the  eastern  side  of  Northwest  Cape.  This  portion  contains  the  Rivoli  Gas  Field  located  in  about  20  metres  of  water.  The eastern  portion  covers  both  offshore and land on the eastern side of the Gulf. The total area of the permit is 1263 km2. Water depths are between 15m and 20m.


The  Rivoli  Gas  Field  is  a  four‐way  dip  closure  at  the  Birdrong  Sandstone  reservoir  with  a  gas  column overlying  a  thin  oil  leg.  The  Rivoli  Gasfield  has  been  independently  assessed  by  the  Independent Geologist to contain a Contingent Gas Resource of 8.9 Bcf to 13.8 Bcf with a mean of 11.2 Bcf.


Previous Exploration

The permit is covered by several vintages of 2D seismic. The most recent shot was in 2005. Apart from Rivoli 1, the permit contains the Cassidy 1, Cody 1, Cooper 1, Spider 1, Urala 1 and White Opal 1 wells.   


Prospects and Leads

The  Rivoli  gas  field  is  underlain  by  a  rotated  fault  block  of  Jurassic  and  Triassic  sediments.  The Rivoli Deep lead is a 63.6 Bcf gas prospect.  The Rivoli East lead is a 3 way dip structure sealed against a north‐ northeast trending and westerly dipping fault and is 32.6MMbbls oil prospect.  The Big Horn lead is a 3 way dip structure sealed against a north‐northeast trending and westerly dipping fault and is a 248.6Bcf gas prospect.