PPL 435

PPL435 (CMT: 50%) is located 45km southwest and updip from PRL 21 which hosts the Ketu, Elevala and Tingu wet gas discoveries and covers a total of 4,346km2

PPL 435 overlies the Lake Murray High. The Elevala and Toro reservoirs pinch out to the south west of the licence, but a basal Cretaceous Sandstone was intersected in Lake Murray-2. A fairway of good quality early Cretaceous reservoir is interpreted to extend over most of the licence area.

Other reservoirs within PPL 435 include the Darai carbonates. A gas flow in Lake Murray-1 from basal Cretaceous sandstone confirms gas migration as far south as Lake Murray and gas shows within the Darai Limestone also high grade these carbonates as an exploration target

 The license includes the Aiambak feature, which forms a natural drainage trend for wet gas from the north and west, remains the preferred lead area in PPL 435 and should be readily identified by the forthcoming aerogravity and aeromagnetic survey.